Why face oils are a great option for oily skin.

Why face oils are a great option for oily skin.

We know it sounds counterintuitive as oil+oil should = twice the oiliness, but it really doesn’t, and using the right oil products may even support a reduction in oil production in especially oily skin types.

Do you wake up with an oily T-zone, does your skin get progressively shinier throughout the day or do you notice makeup sliding off? If yes you likely have skin on the oilier side. 

The great news is that oily skin generally ages slower than drier skin types! However if you’re finding yourself regularly breaking out, or just not loving that afternoon shine, facial oils could be your new best friend. 

The key is to strike a balance between having too much oil and maintaining your skin's natural moisture, so we asked Julia Langley, Dermal Clinician @ The Derm Lab her take on oils for oily skin. 

Can facial oils support oily skin types if so how?

‘Absolutely! Finding the right oils to support the skin's barrier function is very important when helping balance oily skin types. 

It ensures the sebum being excreted from our sebaceous glands are much more in harmony - as far too often I see clients with oily skin use harsh products that "strip" their skin of natural oils and don't replenish them with the correct ingredients in skincare, thus exacerbating the ongoing cycle of oily skin’. 

Why do we get oily skin?

‘Oily skin can be caused from a range of factors including hormones, genetics, age, stress as well as using the wrong skincare products that strip the skin. 

All of these factors can increase our skin's ability to produce sebum  (a natural waxy substance produced by our sebaceous glands to lubricate and protect the skin's barrier) thus creating oily skin’.

Can oily skin be a reaction to stripping the skin of its natural oils?

‘Yes! Unfortunately, I often see client's with oily skin complaints using skincare that dries out their skin and creates a vicious cycle of oily skin. 

When we use products that over-strip our skin barrier and rid our skin of all our natural oils; our skin goes into overdrive and produces much more oil to compensate for the lack of oil given back through skincare (it is essentially our skin crying out for help that it needs more nourishment!)’.

It is so important that people with oily skin's are educated about this very important balance between cleaning the skin effectively and giving back to the skin what it needs to thrive healthily and respect our skin's barrier so it can function efficiently’.

Can oily skin be dehydrated? 

‘Yes, oily skin can be dehydrated as it is our skin's barrier that is stripped and therefore producing too much oil to compensate; unfortunately, oily skin with dehydration is often accompanied with other skin concerns such as inflammation, breakouts, redness and feeling tight and flaky, sometimes leading to dermatitis when this cycle has gone on for too long. Therefore, it is imperative to treat the skin's barrier first BEFORE treating other concerns as most of these will improve once the skin is functioning in a healthy way’.

Will face oils clog my pores?

‘When choosing a face oil product it is important to ensure the oils chosen are compatible with our skin's natural sebum production so it basically "replicates" what our skin naturally produces. Over time, your skin will realise that you have oils being "fed" to the skin through a topical product and to not produce as much oil anymore. This will balance out your skin and helping with a range of skin concerns as mentioned above’.

Which oils would be the best to use?

‘I personally love squalane and jojoba as these two oils are very compatible with the skin's natural oil production and are non-comedogenic, making it perfect for oily and acne prone skins. Other oils with balancing and healing effects are also very beneficial - think high in zinc, vitamin A and B3! All great for inflammatory skin types with oily skin. Think Chia oil, Cacay oil and oat oil. Each has different benefits that work on improving a healthy skin barrier and oil flow’. 

The Darl’ face oil is a match made in heaven for oily skin guys and gals, a dry oil that offers rapid absorption with no after feel, just a lasting dewy glow. Formulated with a range of extra light non-comedogenic oils (non spot forming - ideal for acne prone individuals) including jojoba, evening primrose and squalane. Jojoba oil in particular contains those extra special properties that regulate sebum production. 

We recommend a less is more approach when introducing oils to acne and oily prone skin and once you feel confident that your product isn’t going to exacerbate those issues work up from there. 

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